Concrete mixers:

Hydraulic Reversing drum mixer, also suitable for using big diameter aggregates. It allow a big and fast production.

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Model: 500 750 1000 1200 1500
Tank working capacity:lt 490lt 690lt 750lt 1150lt 1300
Hopper capacity:lt 500lt 700lt 700lt 1100lt 1150
Net Output:lt 350lt 450lt 520lt 800lt 970
Water tank:lt 80lt 80lt 100lt 100lt 100
Mixing per hour:≤ 30≤ 30≤ 30≤ 30≤ 30
Electric motor power:hp 5,5hp 7.5hp 10 hp 10hp 15
Diesel engine power:hp 19hp 19hp 19 /
hp 23
hp 28hp 28
Height:cm 270cm 270cm 270cm 280cm 280
Length:cm 290cm 320cm 350cm 350cm 380
Width:cm 190cm 190cm 190cm 220cm 220
Unladen weight:kg 1270kg 1380kg 1470kg 2450kg 2600
Tyres size:185x15"185x15"185x15"185x15"185x15"
Maximum towing speed:km/h 20km/h 20km/h 20km/h 20km/h 20
Scraping shovel:
Electric motor power:hp 2,5hp 2,5hp 3hp 3hp 3
Speed of traction:m/s 0,8m/s 0,8m/s 0,8m/s 0,8m/s 0,8
Capacity of traction:kg 200kg 200kg 200kg 200kg 200
Length of electric cable:m 15m 15m 15m 15m 15
Length of steel cable:m 13m 13m 13m 13m 13
Optimized transport:


Photos can portray machines with accessories available on request. Features, specifications and dimensions are informative and not binding. AFW reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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