Concrete mixers BT:

Wide range of classic concrete mixers, using new components (like Poly V belt), easy access to engines, high quality switch with emergency stop button easy to be reach for hight professional performances.

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Model: 180 250 320 350 500
Tank working capacity:lt 180lt 250lt 320lt 350lt 500
Net Output:lt 150lt 195lt 260lt 300lt 430
Mixing per hour:2626262626
Electric motor power:hp 0,75hp 1 - 1,5hp 1,5 - 2hp 1,5 - 2hp 2
Diesel engine power:hp 6hp 6 - 6,8hp 6 - 6,8hp 6 - 6,8hp 6 - 6,8
Height:cm 130cm 131cm 145cm 145cm 160
Length:cm 167cm 170cm 165cm 183cm 210
Width:cm 81cm 86cm 100cm 92cm 100
Unladen weight:kg 120kg 172kg 200kg 220kg 260
Optimized transport:


BT model with a larger cabin, suitable for gasoline or diesel engine.
This model is available disassembled too (no further welding needed).

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Photos can portray machines with accessories available on request. Features, specifications and dimensions are informative and not binding. AFW reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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